At the Time of the Spring Rain

Staying home all the time is hard on us all. The silver lining is what saves us; not being at the office late, dinners together, playing in the backyard; seeing the kids grow; not paying for daycare; creative Zooms with family. The work/life balance has been shattered, but we at least have each other. I’m sure our ancestors might scoff because they dealt with much harder tragedies. The news doesn’t help; the politics; the divide. Wearing a mask has become politicized when all we all want is for everyone to be healthy and safe. Let us all acknowledge that this sucks for everyone, treat each other how they want to be treated. Love God, love people, and move forward. Now here’s some music I wrote.


I’m a little late sharing this on the blog, but it belongs here nonetheless. I finished this track over a month ago, and I’m very proud of it. I’d like it to be a part of an EP, but that is delayed to the worldly events happening now.